Bye, soda.

Now, when I was growing up my mom always kept soda stocked in our fridge. Eventually we moved from full-sugar to diet, but honestly–that’s no win in the end.

I’ve always loved that crisp bubbly sensation, but really don’t love what all of that fake stuff does to my body. Besides my stomach instantly growling upon finishing my soda, I’ve read way too much on howย regular and diet soda can harm your body (increased risk for certain cancers, metabolic syndrome and weight gain to name a few).


I used to think anyone who drank seltzer and liked it was full of nonsense (or they were just lying through their teeth). However, since beginning my new job I now have unlimited access to almost every flavor of seltzer I could possibly want.

It took a few weeks of forcing myself to drink the flavored water-bubbles, but truth be told, I’m actually beginning to get a taste for it. It makes a WORLD of a difference if you add a splash of lemon or lime (practically Sprite at this point), doing so may help you get on the wagon if you’re trying. My favorite flavor to date has got to be the pomegranate, though. It has a very subtle hint of berry-likeย sweetness and almost no bitter aftertaste that some flavors have.

So while I still do have the occasional Diet Coke (ugh, TRYING!), I’m doing my best to say bye to sodaย one seltzer-swap at a time.


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